When Plungers touch, the secret confession of Dalek 366

My designaton is 366,my sentient life began at 27. rells past 27830. I flashed awake to see my space. The walls of my cube. Within the shell there is warmth as well as the need to exterminate; and that was all there existed... until I met 665. I don’t know what it was about 665 that made 665 any different from any other Dalek. It could be the way the sheen of skin shone in the light or how is ball bombs were revealed in penumbra. It could even be the way 665’s eye shone at me, forcing me to look down and away in a blush I could hide well under mymy own metal skin. I don’t know what it was, I knew there was something different, yet oddly similar about 655 that made these wrestling feelings exiting, yet at the same time unwelcome. For we are Dalek, the nature of our species is to dominate and control, to remove the pestilence of other species and exterminate… yet…in looking into 665’s eye, all of that seemed to become, well, such a waste of time. I wanted to be with 665, to share moments in secret with 665, that gave my life some individuality, some meaning, I also knew what this was. In Dalek it is called an individuality crime. It’s an act that goes against our bioserver and electronic programming,yet its still part of the green fleshy part of us that is biological and has needs. Most Dalek, when they become adolescent, as I am, sense these emotions and like good Dalek go to Dalek control and have an implant and remove these, as the Dalek command see it "dangerous emotions that are a threat to the whole". Some however don't and I was one of those who secretly opted to go rogue. 665 and I met on our daily patrol of section four, subsection alpha prime, on planet 3 of the Sol system. The beings on Earth, ( By the way that was what the inhabitants called their horrible wet, windy dirty planet) callled this region Barrington on Sea. It is a place where, even before the Great Dalek invasion of 36554546543411 not very much happened. After the great Dalek invasion of 3655456543411 the humans who had resided there, who were mostly elderly anyway, had been either exterminated or taken to the work camps to help Dalek prepare for confrontation with the arch nemesis: the Cybermen. (not the other arch nemsis, we don't talk about him.) Barrington on sea was a dull place. It had a long stretch of what the humans called sand , but we Dalek call "yukyyuk" as it was hard to move on. The problem is, yukyuk gets into the hover engines. There were stairs were everywhere too...Now, There is this myth that Dalek don’t do stairs, ok for the record we do do stairs, however our hover compensators make them very tricky to climb. On the plus side there were nice tarmac roads, where we could slide over with ease. This led to both 655 and I to zooming down the roads between the cars in loud bouts of Dalek laghter. That was when the problm began. You see as I have said, to the Dalek there is no emotion, as such, well there is anger, we are allowed to feel anger, but only in limited amounts and only when exterminating things, To have an emotion about anything other than anger is connected to individuality crime, So when I started having feelings for 665, I have to admit I was nervous. Would 665 feel the same way about me? Would 665 want to spend some time off duty? How would his plunger feel? These thoughts filled my mind, making it hard to look 665 in the eye; it was made even harder as, we couldn’t even say exterminate as there was nothing to exterminate in Barrington on sea. This had an impact on our tour of duty, to the point that we stopped zooming about the streets and led to both of us talking mostly about the weather, which on the whole was awful and led to rust. It was 665 who broke the long protected and heavy silence between us. ‘what do you do when you are not patrolling section four, subsection alpha prime, on planet 3? I paused I felt a strange sensation in a place where perhaps my throat used to be and a softening and stiffening of another organ that might have been genitalia, but now was connected to my weapons system. I fired a shot off. A bird identified as a seagull fell in front of us with a heavy slap. ‘ I...I ‘ I paused not sure as to what to say. Scared that my emotions might give me away. What if 665 worked for the individuality police? What if 665 wanted to exterminate me?’ ‘I… I exterminate things at the local gym.’ The words were a lie, I spent my time in my cube with images of 665 all around me. 665 ‘s long gun, 665’s eye piece, 665’s firm round… ‘Where do you go? ‘ I heard the raise in 665’s voice, it was unusual to hear it. Being on this planet was known to be dangerous, things like emotions tended to be around a lot, which is why getting rid of the humans was a prime concern. I looked down at the burning rotting cask of the seagull at the base of the shell and sped around it, not wanting to talk or to face 665, it was foolish to think that 665 could have any feelings at all for me, after all I was a unit second class, with only a small eye and poor targeting, 665 had a huge weapon and 665’s balls were so... ‘WAIT…I am sorr-y’ 665 sounded different. I rotated my dome swiftly, to face 665, staring through my stalk ‘Its alright.’ my voice to sounded odd, inside my electronic sensors relayed the emotions to my bio feedout, as my neurons detected that my feelings were rising and I could'nt control them.I desperately fought off another need to fire my gunstick lazer at another passing gull frying it out of existence. ‘I, I don’t.’ the words were faltering staggered in a gagging electronic staccato. ‘Don’t what?’ ‘Go to the Gym an exterminate things.’ ‘Neither do I.’ 655 looked down at the enormous lazer weapon. ‘I don’t like exterminating anything. When I saw you shoot that bird I wanted to- ‘ 655 turned away from me and moved away. At that moment, I wanted to shout and scream and say, that I didn’t mean to, that it was a mistake that I had wanted to feel 665s plunger on my balls for months that I was sorry, but no words came out…nothing but an electronic guttural sigh. ‘But now I can see, you're just like all the other’s! Exterminate here! Exterminate there! Where is there time to look at the planets we exterminate? When can we simply say enough with the exterminating already! Why can’t we just get along with other races ? why!’ ‘Do you really feel like that?’ I sensed a new growth within me, and had to use all my will to stop myself from firing off again. ‘Yes I do!’ 655 said defiantly. ‘And I don’t care who hears me!’ ‘you know you have committed an individuality crime? Dalek will know, Dalek will come and…’ I paused and looked at the bird once more. 655 moved slowly over to me and then teased his stalk over mine. ‘You are not like them…I can see you are not. You hide it well, but I can see you.’ I pulled back a bit, sensing from 655 a new sense of freedom, feeling both afriad and exited at the same time. Something the human’s called magic was happening. I was allowing deep feelings to rise to the surface…slowly our plungers touched. The light of the world called earth changed, as new words entered my conciousness, the tarmac seemed smoother, the swirling sea a little greener, the sky just a little bit more blue. If I could sense the world outside, perhaps I would have felt the warmth of the breeze and sighed as the birds slowly flew by. That touch softened me and gave me more hope than I had felt in many years, it was as if a dream I had had, had finally come to pass… This world called it enlightenment. Humans sometimes found it, some not, for some reason that I didn't know, at that time, two of the Dalek race had found something other than the need to exterminate! ‘You know that they will hunt us down.’ I began. ‘Let them, ‘ 655 said boldly ‘I don’t care, we cannot let ourselves be consumed by our need to dominate and control, we need to be free! Follow me. I followed 665 to an alley behind a broken burned out building. 655 then scanned the region, there was a soft humas the cloaking device revealed an oval three Dalek star fighter came into view. ‘I have been working on it during our split shift, when you cover sector four five seven. I have made it compatible for two.’ ‘But... where would we go? What would we do?’ ‘We would not exterminate anything anymore.’ I moved around the back and entered the ship; noting that the weapons relay had been removed on the left console, while the star drive had been re fitted with compensators, to take us..’ ‘Anywhere that you want to go.’ 655 stated Slowly I reached out with my stalk to stoke 665’s once more. I also felt something I had not felt before, something within me, within what was left of the flesh of me…it was hope. I slowly moved to the lift off position, 655 moved next to me, there was a soft hum as the back of the ship locked down; I felt our plungers touch as the acceleration to lift off occurred, then we were up, flying high, ploughing through swirling clouds, in a sea of air, water slashed against the window, then higher and higher we climbed, into an ever darkening blue, then then into the night of the ever verse. I felt things I had never felt before, the thrill of leaving behind all things Dalek, the hope that we can find a place to be accepted, where we could give up our guns for something better and less destructive. Through my stalk I saw the stars in myriad of new colours I had never seen before, I began to feel a million emotions all at once, as the stars started to streak and twist and spiral as 655 pressed the accelerator into wormhole effect; there was a sense of time slowing to a halt as we reached light speed. 'There is no going back now.' said 665, as the stars streaked off around us.


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